I Married A Millionaire And Will Share With You “How To Marry A Millionaire”

I married a rich man. I did not meet him on a dating site, I met him in the real world of life.  I did not move in with him when he asked me too.  I had learned that mistake already from a prior rich finance.  I said, “No! I will not live with a man unless I am married to him.”  Trust me,  say it loud and firmly the Rich always want, what they can not have.  And that is how he proposed, standing in the streets of Vineyards of Napa he said, “Okay will you marry me.”  The prenuptial was worth over _ _ million dollars. Here  is  where I will guide you as what NOT to sign and what to sign.  I will give you my first hand real experience of  “How to marry a millionaire.”

In today’s society we have the show the Bachelor where the rich Bachelor chooses from a large group of attractive, over-anxious, beautiful women who are more than anxious to marry the rich Bachelor.  We have also had the Millionaire MatchMaker where wealthy Men and Women pay match maker Patti Stranger to match them up.  Personally I enjoy both these television shows, they are exciting and dreamy. They give many people the hopes and dreams of they too can marry a Millionaire or Millionaires.

The Rich are different.  They can spot a fake a mile away, no imitation handbags or luggage works with this élite group.  Why?  Because they can afford the real thing.  They went to excellent prep schools so name dropping is common among the wealthy.  They are world travelers and love to talk about their world travels.  They are Rich for a reason because they spend wisely, not foolishly.  One should know the difference between, Nouvea riche, Forbes 400 rich, Widowed rich, and Old Money rich.

I married a rich man with a house filled with domestic help; a cook, chauffeurs, caretaker, landscapers, and a housekeeper.  Instantly one needs to learn how to live with and manage domestic help.  It may sound easy,  but it is not.  Here on, “I Married A Rich Man,” you  will learn how to find wealthy men what it takes to live with the rich.  When you marry a millionaire you are rarely ever alone.  Beds are made, cars are running,  dinners are served,  salespeople fight over you, and black tie affairs mean expensive couture or luxury clothes are needed for the season.  In most cases you have several homes, so time management becomes essential.  Stay, with me on the journey of  “How to marry a Millionaire”  with real life guidance of someone who has, married a millionaire.